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Handmade RAY CHARLES EDITION from Josh's shops in Raymond, Mississippi and Charleston, NC. 

1/2 Raymond 1/2 Charleston = Ray Charles.  RED BOX ELDER BURL.

Only about 150 calls will be handmade in 2018 by Josh Raggio. The Raggio Custom Call is an incredible hunting call, a highly collectible and a highly sought after duck call from Mr. Josh Raggio. Produced with the Raggio trademark ducky sound. Single Reed. This call is a 2018 produced call, cut and hand-tuned by Josh Raggio. Available for immediate shipment to purchasing client.  

  • Very Raspy with unique signature sounds and trademark tones of a Josh Raggio duck call.
  • Josh Raggio is a past Mississippi Duck Calling Champion and Founder of "CALL NIGHT".
  • Good amount of "hold" in the handmade Raggio Custom Calls
  • This is a hunting call, and a meat calling/live duck style calling duck call
  • Sound volume:  Soft, Low, Medium, Medium loud
  • Hand turned, hand sanded, hand finished duck calls
  • These are jigged calls with jig marks to proof
  • Raggio Calls have numerous 2014-2016 TOP 3 Finishes in competitions
  • Josh competed in the World Championship in Stuttgart, Arkansas
  • Every Call by Josh Raggio is hand tuned and thoroughly tested
  • All of the calls from UpperDuck are cleaned, sanitized and shipped to you FREE via USPS Priority Mail with tracking