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J.J. LARES REEDS, officially from Lares, consisting of reeds of your choice. 
  • Choose any of the following available reeds from the drop down menu.
  • Reed sizes 1.310" - 1.390"
  • Standard Reed in T-1 Timber and T-1 Timber Small Bore Calls: 1.320"
  • Standard Reed in HYBRID and A5 Calls: 1.350"
  • "Straight Cut" reed shapes are on the 1.310" - 1.325" sized reeds.
  • "Dog-ear Cut" reed shapes are on the 1.330" - 1.390" sized reeds.
  • For a more customized reed set or individual reeds, please see our product: J.J. LARES Individual Reeds
  • Your Reeds will be shipped U.S. Priority Mail 2-3 day delivery with tracking.