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RNT Duck Call Tuning Kit

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Everything you need for tuning your RNT Duck Calls: 
  • RNT Embellished Hard Plastic Case
  • Customized Reed Trimming Scissors for making those slight adjustments to your reed
  • Razor Knife for cutting away the excess cork
  • Screwdriver used to set cork and reed
  • Large Assortment of Reeds (.007 Standard Reeds, .007 Dimpled Reeds, .010 Standard Reeds, .010 Precut Reeds, .010 Dimpled Precut Reeds, .010 Quackstacker Reeds, .014 Quackstacker Reeds) 
  • Cork (RNT Standard Cork, Extra Tall Cork)
  • RNT Standard Duck O-Rings
  • Extra Space for Storage