RNT D.C. MONDO LA CUSTOM Drakes Blood Pearl Black Pearl with Custom Engraved Band

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  • CUSTOM, FIRST BATCH of DRAKES BLOOD PEARL  and BLACK PEARL Mondo LA with Custom Engraved Band, DESIGNED by UpperDuck
  • Tuned by Jim Ronquest, World Champion
  • Includes Custom RNT Box and Mondo Reed Set

  • CUSTOM Engraved "LA" on Drakes Blood Pearl Acrylic Band

  • The Mondo LA takes us back to the roots of the old style cut down calls.
  • The LA hails from the hunting styles of Northern Louisiana and Southern Arkansas where they are known for truly "cutting the calls down". Cutting the tone board back shorter with a steep angle on the front and the reed coming out over the top of the tone board.
  • You can just whisper on this call and it will blow. Quack on it really quiet or you can hit it really hard.
  • When you hit it really hard it will really clean up.
  • As JimBo says, "You'll be breaking them high out of a late season blue sky."
  • Loud, Squeaky Chatter
  • Hard, Loud, Raspy Licks
  • "A Mondo is on my bucket list" kind of call
  • Modeled after the old Cut-Down Keyhole calls
  • Named after the Mondo Wads of Ducks they bring in
  • Sound volume:  Low-medium, Medium, High, Scream
  • Single Reed
  • All calls made by RNT are covered with a Lifetime Service Warranty.  Meaning any call needing service such as tuning can be sent to RNT at anytime for retuning.  RNT calls that have manufacturers defects, are defective in function or have a natural defect such as the wood splitting will be replaced or can be refunded with a receipt within one year.  Any other type of repair will be subject to a charge for part replacement.  Example being a call dropped and the insert breaks or the  barrel chips.  Also calls cannot be returned for reasons such as the call just doesn’t fit your calling style.  If a question arises and you aren’t sure about whether or not your call will be covered you may return it to RNT and you'll be contacted after the call has been diagnosed.  When returning a call make sure to include a note stating what the call is doing or what you need done to the call.
  • All of the duck calls from UpperDuck are cleaned, sanitized and shipped to you FREE via USPS Priority Mail with tracking